An iconic clan

Clan Campbell Whisky is an iconic Scotch Whisky that bears the name of one of the oldest and most renowned Scottish clans: The Clan Campbell. The Clan Campbell is headed by Torquhil Ian Campbell, the Chief of the Clan Campbell and 13th Duke of Argyll.

“In the 11th-century in Scotland, my ancestors founded Clan Campbell, a large family proud of its traditions and customs. Our traditions are perpetuated through a noble spirit, Clan Campbell Whisky.”
says Torquhil Ian Campbell.

The duke of argyll

The Duke of Argyll is a keen and knowledgeable supporter of the Scottish Whisky industry, he is Grand Master, Patron of the Keepers of the Quaich, and the Global Brand Ambassador for Clan Campbell Scotch Whisky.

A clan led by its core values

The Clan Campbell has always been led by its core values of authenticity and fraternity. Over the years, the clan has remained true to these values, guiding the makers of Clan Campbell, in the making of their whisky. Together they make up its unique identity and strength of character.

The lands of clan campbell

The Clan Campbell family has always lived in the Highlands. During the 15th century, the 3rd Duke of Argyll built the family Castle in Inveraray, in the heart of the Highlands. Since then, Inveraray Castle has housed the chieftain of The Clan Campbell. It is now the home of the 13th Duke of Argyll, and his family members. The authentic personality of Clan Campbell is shaped by its homeland, the Highlands. From the malt and grain to the wood, through the water, we like to believe that a bottle of Clan Campbell is a Scottish journey to which our hearts belong and in which our strongest values are born.

An original whisky from Scotland

Clan Campbell Scotch Whisky is crafted in the pure Scottish tradition, it is made of the finest malt and grain whiskies distilled and aged in Scotland in oak casks. When one of Scotland’s oldest and noblest families, the Clan Campbell, associates his name and heritage to a whisky, it attests of a truly great whisky.

“All the nobility of Clan Campbell can be found in this whisky.”
says the Duke of Argyll.

And when a clan leader makes a commitment, you can believe him. He is as loyal in his words as he is to this whisky.